Accidents and the movie “Frozen”

We have a strict no getting into trouble policy if you do something by accident or you tell the truth. That being said, my oldest was pushing my youngest on her bike and she fell off and hit her head. Of course my oldest was upset enough on her own to see her sister cry which there is no need to make her feel bad. All I said was it was an accident and dried the tears!

This incident made me think of the movie frozen. So many people have debated the two sisters but I am wondering why the parents get a pass? It is so Disney to have the parents absent in the movie but let’s recap. Elsa hurt her sister by accident and the way to fix it was to take away Anna’s memories and isolate both girls from the outside world and each other. Elsa’s powers grew out of fear because her parents were afraid of and for her. She never learned how to control them because love was taken away from her at a young age. It took her younger sister to defy how she was raised and never loose her bond to save her older sister.

Now, let’s see how my theory would have worked. Elsa hurt her sister by accident. Her parents said you made a mistake and it’s okay and you need to learn from it. The sisters grew up together and Elsa learned to control her powers with love!

Guess my version wouldn’t have been as good but the point is to learn from mistakes and not criticize or judge. Children and us adults feel bad enough when we do something by accident to someone we love, we do not need any help feeling bad. Parent with love and respect and that is what you will get in return!


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