Christmas Traditions

A lot of families pass down holiday traditions through the generations, and if you’re starting a new family or looking for some traditions of your own, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few holiday traditions that one day your kids can pass down!

The Christmas Pickle

All you need for this one is a pickle ornament and the rest is very simple! The parents hide the pickle on the tree Christmas morning and the first kid to find it gets an extra gift or treat. I always had so much fun searching the tree with my little brother while my mom shouted, “You’re warm! You’re cold!” Usually it’s a game or a movie both my brother and I would enjoy, but you can put your own twist on it.

You can get a pickle ornament here:


25 Days of Books

I love this one and although my parents never did it, I think it’s a new spin on an advent calendar while getting your kids excited about reading and putting down the electronics for a few minutes. Every day starting December 1 until Christmas, each child gets to unwrap a new book! A friend of mine does this and her kids get so excited to have a new book to read each night before bed. Once your kids outgrow the books, you can always donate them

Here’s a great place to start if you’re looking for book ideas:


A New Family Ornament

This is something my family and I have done, even if not consistently every year. Make a new ornament with a family photo, an array of photos, or even just the kids each year. You’ll have a ton of great keep sakes, but it is also fun to reminisce as you decorate the tree each year.

The site I use for ornaments is Shutterfly, and it’s very easy to use and won’t break the bank:


Kristin Piazza