Consumption of Sugary soft Drinks linked to Decaying Teeth

A cross sectional study conducted of 16,508 children, 5-16 years of age, who were enrolled in a dental services program showed dental decay prominent in kids who drink sugary soft drinks.

Information was collected regarding these children who were enrolled in a dental services program. They researched information about dental caries, sources of drinking water, tooth brushing frequency, socio-economic status, and consumption of sweetened beverages.

Among children 5-10 years old, it was found that those children who consumed three or more sweetened soft drinks per day had an average of 47.1 percent more decayed, missing, and filled teeth than did the children of the same age who did not drink sweetened beverages. The study went on to show that in the older children, frequency
of tooth brushing was associated with fewer decayed, missing, and filled teeth.

It is important to know that community water fluoridation is safe and effective in preventing dental caries, but opposition to municipal water fluoridation continues in some parts of the United States. Exposure to fluoridated water can decrease the odds of your child getting as much decay while continuing to drink sweetened beverages.

Statler Orthodontics encourages our patients to decrease their consumption of sweetened beverages, support water fluoridation, and continue to bring their children for periodic dental cleanings/exams. Our office offers a free consultation for children between the ages of 6-10. Educating our patients/parents to be aware of any early warning signs that indicate your child may need orthodontic intervention. We also offer a 4-6 month growth and guidance follow up visit at absolutely no charge to you.

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