Move it and Lose it!

Did you just eat 2 slices of pizza while hovering over the sink and feel regretful? Were you excited for a night out with your friends just to discover your favorite jeans no longer fit? Are you having trouble sticking to a diet while cooking your kids mac & cheese? If any of these are you, then all of your problems have been solved. Operation Fit Moms is a nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for moms- just like you! What’s the catch, right? Do you have to drink a funky colored shake or swallow a handful of pills? No! Operation Fit Moms  helps you become your best self with good, old-fashioned healthy eating and exercise!

You have two options to choose from, depending on how hectic your schedule is. You can participate in the local 60-day program,Operation Fit Moms, or you can choose the online program, Operation Fit Moms On The Go.

If you’re ready to hit the gym with other local moms, then the 60-day program is best for you. With this program, you will not only be educated on fitness and health, but you’ll have tons of support. This program includes not only a meal plan, but a full shopping list (could it be any easier?) catering to new moms, both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding. A Nutrition Consultant will provide you with the knowledge for long term success, and you will even have body assessments taken periodically to track your progress. But that’s not all! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a forum 24/7 to get tips, motivation, and recipes? You will have access to an exclusive Facebook forum where you can do just that. Our Nutrition and Fitness experts will help you online as well. What about the dreaded exercise part of all of this? Group fitness classes are included, and they are designed specifically for moms, and are only 3 days a week! Join other moms and get your workout in without struggling on bulky gym machines. As a bonus for signing up, Operation Fit Moms  is giving 60 days of unlimited group classes at any of their locations!

Okay, so this is a typical health and fitness membership then? Of course not! You’ll get tons of mommy goodies and samples along the way, and will even enjoy a professional “before” and “after” photo shoot and a mini makeover courtesy of Bliss Salon & Spa.

This all sounds great, but what do I do with my kids? That’s the whole point! Wait, did we forget to mention childcare is provided?

If you still can’t manage to sneak out of the house, or if you aren’t local, we can still help. Try out our Operation Fit Moms Moms On The Go program. With the help of LIVEexercise, you will receive continuous support online.  You’ll still get nutrition guides, a fitness program including workout videos, and an open forum, but with the ease of everything being online.

Now that you’ve put the kids down for a nap and finished reading this, there’s only one thing left to say. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take control of your health and become the best mom you can be, for you and your kids!

Click Operation Fit Moms  for more information on this awesome program!

~Kristin Piazza