Super Bowl Sunday – Party Advice

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday for football fans, and no doubt you will be invited to, or are throwing your own Super Bowl party. It’s important to throw a great party and just as important to be a gracious guest. Below are some tips to ensure that no matter what your plans are this Sunday, that it will be a great day.


If you’re throwing a party:

The most memorable part of any party is the food, and this Sunday is no different. It’s good to focus on classics that are quick and easy to eat but pack a punch. Pizza and wings are a Super Bowl staple, and adding some flavorful dips completes it.

I usually like to make a few go-to dips. Buffalo chicken dip is a must have, a taco dip, and a spinach artichoke dip. Being more creative is always welcomed, but for the Super Bowl crowd the delicious classics go a long way.

You can even go the potluck route, and ask everyone to bring their favorite easy dish. It will be easier on your wallet and you’ll be sure everyone has something they enjoy.

Having lots of beer on hand is perfect for the Super Bowl, and adding in some mixed drinks isn’t a bad idea either. A variety of beer is important since everyone has different tastes, and if you do decide to have more of a potluck party, ask your guests to bring a 6 pack of their favorite.

Depending on the set-up in your house, moving some furniture around might be necessary. You’ll want as much seating as possible around the T.V., and avoid any obstacles between the T.V., the food, and the bathroom. You don’t want your friend tripping over the dog’s bed trying to get his hands on a slice of pizza.

Decorations are a fun part of any party, so team colors and football shaped plates will be a fun way to tie everything together.


If you’re attending a party:

It’s important to be a guest that hosts want to invite back to all of their parties. I always ask if I can bring something, whether it be a dish or alcohol. Usually the host will tell me to bring one or the other, but even if they say not to bring anything it’s important to never show up empty handed. Bringing beer can never hurt, or even whipping up a batch of cookies. (Hey, use Tollhouse, I won’t tell)

I’ll do my best to help the host when possible, especially if it’s a good friend. I’ll usually hang back after and even help with some clean up.


Whatever your plans are for this Sunday, have fun, eat a lot, and enjoy rooting for your favorite team!

– Kristin Piazza