Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is here; May 6-10 to be precise. It is time to create special ways of saying thank you to the men and women who nurture and educate our children. Managing children is no easy task, as every parent will concur. Teachers have to manage tens if not hundreds of children almost on a daily basis. They surely deserve to be appreciated accordingly. Parents, children and indeed the entire school community each has a part to play during teacher appreciation week.

Here’s how…


Teachers love knowing that their contribution to the children is recognized. Parents can sign ‘thank you’ cards, or even a handwritten note to express exactly how they feel. They can include specific things that the teacher has done that have made significant difference in the child. The areas of progress should be mentioned, be it in class, playground or extra-curricular activities. The teacher will feel that the effort made did not go unnoticed.


Teachers and children mostly have a bitter-sweet relationship; but at the end of the day they enjoy a very special bond. Having been directly impacted by the teachers, they should have a key contribution to make during the teacher appreciation week. Personal notes or custom made cards are a great way of conveying their sentiments towards their teacher’s efforts. The messages should be kept simple and precise, making the teachers know they’re special, loved and appreciated.

Entire Class

Each gesture that the teacher receives makes a significant difference, and the more the merrier. There are plenty of activities that the children can do collectively to make their teacher feel appreciated. The children can be divided into 5 groups, and each group assigned a day when each child will bring a flower. The teacher receives a bouquet of flowers each morning. The children can sign a giant ‘thank you’ card and present it to the teacher.

School Community

The entire school can come together and give teachers an extra pleasant week. Imagine organizing a joint dinner for the teachers. Parents prepare delicacies for the teachers to feast on. The children can act as ‘waiters’ and serve them. Arrangements should be made to give the teachers an extra break. The companies around the school can throw in free samples, gift cards and discounts for the teachers.

Special Groups

If each class caters only for their class teacher, some will be left out of the fun. The homerooms should consider these extra teachers and appreciate them just like the rest. This will help every teacher really feel like part of the group.

By the end of the teacher appreciation week, each teacher should feel re-energized and ready to resume teaching with new enthusiasm. Each gesture of appreciation goes a long way in motivating the teachers, and ensuring that they work even harder. They will put more effort and find new ways of impacting on the lives of the children. Go out of your way to do something special for the teachers during this week, and you’ll be rewarded with even more dedication.